Flying Utopia

Como viver junto (6) - 27a bienal de São Paulo (7/10 - 17/12/2006)

Tomas Saraceno is an Argentinian artist and architect who believes in feasible utopias. He devises inflatable, modulated and mobile works/architectures, in - or with - which one can experience unusual sensations. His concepts are mostly experimental ones. They evoke, in the imagination of each, utopian visions of transport, housing or structures related to other activities. The objects he presents represent only the first step of his visions : they should be developed within a framework much more equipped than what artistic institutions can offer. This need is likely to be fulfilled soon, as Tomas Saraceno was recently invited by the European Space Agency to discuss possible interactions between artists and the International space station.

Em sua pesquisa, Tomas Saraceno se interessa por habitações que se deslocam como nuvens, eliminando fronteiras geográficas e políticas, gerando soluções concebíveis para o crescimento da população e para climas que se modificam rapidamente. As instalações criadas por Saraceno almejam que o espectador vivencie situações irregulares.

Qui n'a jamais rêvé de pénétrer dans un nuage, de s'y installer et de se laisser porter par les vents ? C'est ce que propose Tomas Saraceno. En toute modestie...

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