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Wine Carriage (Carretella Del Vin) – Commemoration of the Italian immigrant in Santa Teresa - Brazil

It is told that, in 1874, arrived at the region eight Italian immigrants from the colonial nucleus Count of Eu (Ibiraçu). Others have been brought soon later by the Special Inspectorship of Lands and Settling of the Province. In 1875, 60 Tyrolean families established themselves there.

In 1876, the nucleus received other Italian groups. In the following year, colonists coming from Germany and Switzerland arrived at the valley of the river Vinte e Cinco de Julho, while Polish immigrants settled the banks of the river Cinco de Novembro.

The date of anniversary of the city, 26th of June, remembers the drawing of the land lots between the first immigrants from the north of Italy (High Italy), the 26th of June of 1875, which had settled the neighborhoods of the rivers São Pedro and São Lourenço that form the river Timbuí.


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