Looking At The Favela

Looking At The Favela
Nothing would disturb this girl from looking at a slideshow, during the vernissage of the exhibition "A Favela vê a Favela" ("The Favela Looks At The Favela"), in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil. Her friends and family may appear on the screen!

The exhibition of photographs, along the pier of Ilha das Caeiras, in Vitória, occurs until the first of June.

The project Imagens do Povo, produced by the Observatory of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, takes part with the collective exhibition “The Favela looks at the Favela” of the Vitória Foto’s event, which is currently held in the capixaba capital. A workshop of photography “A glance turned towards the favela” was also held from the 14th to the 17th of May, in the Caeiras Arts Centre. The classes were managed by photographers Ratão Diniz and Fábio Caffé.


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